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Pipeline loves its passionate entrepreneurs, and this year at Innovator of the year we are going to showcase that passion and creativity in full color, sound and spectical! While IOTY is always a display of passion and creativity—this year we are kicking it up a notch with surprise performances, national “on fire” guests and all of our beloved entrepreneurs and their families, teams and friends.

Is your heart racing yet? Do you share our passion? Then grab that special place in our hearts—and in our plans—for IOTY!


IOTY is a code phrase for the best damn

entrepreneurship event in the universe.” —Karen and Jim Linder | Linseed Capital | Omaha


Every year we work to raise the bar on how to lift up entrepreneurs in the Midwest—all with a national and global crowd. We keep the event capped to 600 so you will be sure to celebrate with the most hard-to-reach, fun, passionate, successful entrepreneurs, investors, advocates, media and performers you can imagine. Don’t you love it?


6:00 pm | Networking Reception | Midland Theatre

7:30 pm | Dinner and Awards Gala | Midland Theatre


Pipeline has reserved a group block at the Hotel Phillips, a few blocks from both the Alamo Drafthouse and Midland Theatre. To book your hotel room, call 816.221.7000 and mention you are with Pipeline for our rate. 


My wife and I go to events all over 

the world and we've never seen anything like Innovator of the Year. It's absolutely electric—and we are so proud to be part of it."—Tom Hillman | Lewis and Clark Ventures | St. Louis 


Our 2015 Pipeline Fellows have spent an intense year working on their businesses—together. See their passion up close and personal as they take the stage in front of a national panel of judges as they showcase the progress they have made over the year—and their big plans for the future.

Request your ticket to the daytime event today.

    • Lu_MAX3796_crop.jpg lu alleruzzo

      Immunophotonics | St. louis

    • Amis_MAX3246_crop.jpg jennifer amis

      statim | omaha

    • Callie_MAX3656_crop.jpg Callie England

      Rawxies | Kansas City

    • Callie_MAX3656_crop.jpg jeffry harrison

      RoverTown | St. Louis

    • Dan_MAX3751_crop.jpg dan lohman

      PushUp Social | St. Louis

    • Aaron_MAX3677_crop.jpg aaron mckee

      Purple wave | Manhattan

    • Martens_MAX3584_crop.jpg john martens

      NMotion UAS | Wichita

    • Minton_MAX3903_crop.jpg jill minton

      t.Loft | Kansas City

    • Motley_MAX3571_crop.jpg chris motley

      bettter Weekdays | St. Louis

    • Dusty_MAX3373_crop.jpg Dusty Reynolds

      RaceNote | Omaha

    • Steward_MAX3270_crop.jpg Davide Rossi

      FitBark | Kansas City

    • Zmarly_MAX3858_crop.jpg laura steward

      Video Fizz | kansas City

    • Zmarly_MAX3858_crop.jpg mark zmarzly

      Hip Pocket | Lincoln

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    • IOTY Awards The Innovator of the Year award is only one of many awards given by Pipeline during this fast-paced night. It is the one award that only current Pipeline Fellows compete for and is based on three components—performance during the Pipeline year, scores from their retooled business plans post Pipeline impact and presentations given during the Innovator of the Year daytime competition event in January.

      Additional Pipeline Entrepreneurial Recognition During Innovator of the Year—or leading up to it—Pipeline takes the opportunity to recognize the many contributions to entrepreneurship, innovative growth—and our network.

      ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP In order for Pipeline entrepreneurs to succeed—and for Pipeline to thrive as a tool for that success—we need the involvement of leaders who contribute in a very meaningful way. Such contributions may be through consistent mentoring, strategic investment, or working to expand the impact of our program for the greater entrepreneurial region.

      PIPELINE MEMBER GROWTH AWARD Pipeline Members continue to work with the Pipeline organization, and each other, as they grow and scale their businesses. This award recognizes a Pipeline Member for a particularly strong demonstration of growth, be it revenue, capital raised, creation of high-salaried jobs, new ventures or innovation.

      PIPELINE MEMBER “INSPIRATION” AWARD Pipeline is about the many entrepreneurs within it—both working hard to individually to succeed in building a high impact company, while simultaneously aspiring to help each other and Pipeline as we strive to be more successful and supportive as a group. This award recognizes outstanding contributions by a Pipeline Member to the organization and the many peers within it.


I continue to be blown away by the level of

the people who attend IOTY, the entertainment you see on stage, and the sheer magical feeling of bringing all sorts of startup people together in one room to celebrate their year together. Attending this event is like no other I have ever had the pleasure of attending." —Nathan Gold | The DEMO Coach | Silicon Valley


Pipeline’s Innovator of the Year Passion Pit represents our own entrepreneurs who are completely devoted to Pipeline—frankly they “bleed orange.” Part of their devotion is also financial—supporting Pipeline at the top Member level to allow others to be able to join as Fellows and keep the love going. Give these people a hug!

thumb.png mike bosch

RG Fiber | Baldwin City

thumb.png alfred botchway

Xenometrics | Kansas City

thumb.png reggie Chandra

Rhythm Engineering | Kansas City

thumb.png Tim donnelly

SoftVu | Kansas City

thumb.png Maria flynn

Orbis Biosciences | Kansas City

thumb.png Nate gregory

GFI | Wichita

thumb.png Jeff hargroves

ProPharma Group | Kansas City

thumb.png james havers-strong

ABI Group of Companies | Wichita

thumb.png bruce ianni

ShotTracker | Kansas City

thumb.png davyeon ross

ShotTracker | Kansas City

thumb.png toby rush

EyeVerify | Kansas City

thumb.png jason tatge

Farmobile | Kansas City

thumb.png brian williamson

JCB Laboratories | Wichita


IOTY is by far the best celebration for

entrepreneurs in the country. I am counting the days!”-Alicia Herald | myEDmatch | St. Louis